2020 Toyota Prius blue driving to the right in rainfall

It’s Easier Than Ever to Get a Toyota Hybrid Vehicle

Time has now proven that automakers that gambled on hybrid vehicles early on were not wasting their time. Almost every automaker is releasing hybrid versions of their most popular cars, or models based on hybrid technology as a novelty. Toyota has been pushing the Prius, one of the world’s most successful hybrids for decades now, but that was just the beginning. 

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stock photo of person using squeegee on car windshield

How Do I Get My Car Windows Looking Clean and Clear?

Dirty windows are a safety hazard. It may not seem like that big of a deal if you’re not paying attention to it, but the clarity of your windows has a very real effect on how safely you can drive. Cleaner windows will: resist ice, whisk water away, reduce fog, and ensure maximum visibility. Read on below for advice on how to get your windows as clear as possible and keep them that way. 

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2021 Toyota Venza parked at night outside building

What’s Coming from Toyota in 2021?

It’s hard to believe, but the 2020 model year is already giving way to the 2021 model year with the lineup of vehicles coming from Toyota. The 2021 model year is bringing with it a lot of your favorite Toyota vehicles and at least one big surprise return among them. This post is a list of all the 2021 models that have been announced so far. This list will change with time, so call or send a message to Western Slope Toyota for more information about upcoming models. 

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back ends of a line of vehicles depth of field effect

Does Western Slope Toyota Offer At-Home Test Drives?

As the world struggles to move on after months under quarantine and lock downs, a lot of dealerships are innovating to overcome the challenges of doing business in an age of social distancing and limited personal interactions. One way dealerships like Western Slope Toyota have been able to continue providing car shoppers with a personal and hands-on car shopping experience is by providing at-home test drives. Read on below to learn more about at-home test drives with Western Slope Toyota. 

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gloved hands cleaning steering wheel with spray bottle and rag

How to Spring Clean your Car

It’s not the most fun thing to clean out your car, but it always feels great to step into a nice, clean vehicle. The only way to make it happen is to pay someone to clean out your car, or to get out there and take care of it yourself. Maybe all you need is a little guidance to get the confidence you need to tackle the job of cleaning out your car, no matter how intimidating it is.  

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stock photo of wrench and fathers day letters in wood block

Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Whether you’re shopping for your own father or someone else who deserves a gift this Father’s Day, there are plenty of great gifts they are sure to enjoy if you know where to look. Ultimately, nobody knows him better than you do, so you will probably have to make some choices on your own, but the following ideas should help point you in the right direction. 

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2020 Toyota Prius blue and white paint models parked beside mountain lake

2020 Toyota Prius Seating and Roominess

If you’ve come to the decision that you want to buy a 2020 Toyota Prius, but you aren’t sure if it is going to fit you and your family inside, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post is dedicated to detailing the interior dimensions of the hybrid so you can make that determination for yourself. Read on to learn about the front and back seats, and how much room you get sitting in any of these positions. 

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