Highlights of the 2014 Toyota Tundra in Grand Junction, CO

2014 Toyota Tundra

When it comes to power, the Tundra does not disappoint, an available 5.7-liter V-8 engine generates 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque.

2014 Toyota Tundra in Grand Junction, CO

The Toyota Tundra continues to be an extremely capable truck and with this year’s new updates, it will crush its competitors when it comes to comfort and ride quality.  It’s incredibly strong engines give consumers just what they are looking for in  a new truck in Grand Junction, CO and you will not be disappointed in its towing and hauling capacities.  Whether you are looking for a great work truck or one that offers a little more luxury, you will find everything what you need in a new 2014 Toyota Tundra in Grand Junction, CO. Read the rest of this entry >>

Top 3 reasons why you need to get an oil change

Toyota oil change

The oil in your car protects your engine’s moving parts from wearing out and corroding.

There are so many things that you have to do in order for you to keep your new car running properly and efficiently.  One of the most important things that you have the most control of is getting an oil change in Grand Junction, CO.  A regularly scheduled oil change is crucial for your vehicle and helps it last longer and it also keeps you from having more expensive auto repairs down the road. Read the rest of this entry >>

Get the most miles per gallon with a fuel efficient car

New Toyota Prius c

The new Toyota Prius c offers incredible fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficient Car in Grand Junction, CO

Everyone is trying to find ways to save money on gas these days and we all know the best way to do that is to buy a new fuel efficient car in Grand Junction, CO.  Hybrids and electric cars have improve significantly over the past few years and now offer some incredible fuel economy ratings and  great variety of vehicles to choose from.  Toyota is leading the auto industry with the best lineup of new hybrids and electric cars and you can see what they have to offer you at Western Slope Toyota, your local Toyota dealership in Grand Junction, CO. Read the rest of this entry >>

Everything that Makes the 2014 Toyota Camry So Good

2014 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a popular choice because it has everything that car shoppers look for when searching for a new car in Grand Junction, CO.

2014 Toyota Camry in Grand Junction, CO

It’s a pretty well-known fact that the Toyota Camry is one of the best cars ever to hit the road and every year it gets better and better.  So what makes the 2014 Toyota Camry so good?  For starters it offers a long history of dependability and proven quality.  Out of all the Toyota Camry’s built in the last 10 years there are 90 percent of them still on the road.  With a percentage like that it’s no wonder that the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car for years. Read the rest of this entry >>