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new car rebates Grand Junction CO

Save a pile of money with our rebates!

New car rebates Grand Junction CO

Saving money is exhilarating. At least, we think so! We love the thrill of a great find at an even more unbelievable price. Whether it’s on groceries, clothing, or even a new car, there are a number of ways day in and day out to save money. One of those ways is to consider our variety of new car rebated Grand Junction CO.

At Western Slope Toyota, we never want to cause you a financial headache. Our priority is getting you into a reliable, quality vehicle for an affordable price. It doesn’t do anyone any good to get a vehicle you can’t afford. That is why at Western Slope Toyota, we’re excited to announce that we have a few new car rebates Grand Junction CO for drivers! Read the rest of this entry >>

Want to lower your car insurance payments? Follow these steps

how to lower car insurance payments

Businesses applaud those who ask questions about car insurance.

How to lower car insurance payments

Insurance is one of those things you had to have to pay for when you don’t need it, but when you do need it, you’re grateful it’s there. Car insurance is also an industry that may seem like  there’s a scam around every corner with the rising prices and hidden costs. It’s important to know what you’re getting (and not getting) for your money, and what is covered by your insurance. Even if you can’t afford a lot for monthly payments, we recommend getting at least some sort of coverage because it’s illegal to drive without. Read the rest of this entry >>

Will the Toyota C-HR be available to Colorado drivers?

Toyota C-HR concept

Toyota C-HR concept

The Toyota C-HR concept car was introduced at the 2015 Paris Motor Show.

If you didn’t know, this week is the Paris Motor Show, where all of the popular worldwide automobile makers show off their fanciest European vehicles that leave many Americans (and the rest of the world) wondering whether or not we will have the opportunity to drive them? One of those models is the Toyota C-HR concept.

The Toyota C-HR concept was first leaked last month and is a crossover hybrid coupe that is meant to rival the Nissan Juke.

Toyota has always been an innovation center when it comes to compact crossovers and nothing has changed in the 20 years since the game-changing Toyota Rav4 was introduced. The Toyota C-HR is just another example of that game-changing innovation. The Toyota C-HR is a concept vehicle at this time, meaning it is not actually in production, and may be available to Colorado drivers in future years, but, unfortunately, Grand Junction drivers are out of luck if they want to test out this crossover any time soon. It is set to debut in the European automobile market first. Read the rest of this entry >>

Get spooked with tons of Halloween activities

Trick or Treat Grand Junction 2014

Trick or Treat Grand Junction 2014
It’s finally October, which not only means it’s really fall, but it means one of our favorite holidays is just around the corner: Halloween. Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s an excuse to get scared silly and be anything but yourself for a night. If you’re child or a parent, it also means eating exorbitant amounts of sweets, but that’s another story.

This year, there are a bunch of Truck or Treat Grand Junction 2014 events besides just going door to door on one of the spookiest days of the year. See below for a few more ideas to celebrate the Trick or Treat Grand Junction 2014 season. Read the rest of this entry >>