What do you think of the list of the best family cars of 2015? Would you add any, or take any away?

Safest family Toyota cars in 2015

The 2015 Toyota Sienna made the list of KBB’s top 15 safest family cars.

Safest family Toyota cars in 2015

When it comes to keeping your family safe, the sky’s the limit. You would gladly go above and beyond to make sure everyone is protected at all times, and one of the easiest ways you can do that is by getting a safe vehicle, because that is where you will likely spend a big chunk of time; running errands, carpooling to practice, weekend outings, etc.

Each year, Kelley Blue Book comes out with a list of the top 15 best family cars, and this year we are extremely excited to see not only one Toyota on the list, but three! Read the rest of this entry >>

Official 2016 Toyota Avalon release date Grand Junction CO

Official 2016 Toyota Avalon release date Grand Junction CO

Above: 2015 Toyota Avalon. The 2016 model is expected to be much more edgy.

We love auto show season because it is full of exciting news and vehicle releases! One that has been getting quite a bit of attention in the last few days in part because the Chicago Auto Show is coming up is the 2016 Toyota Avalon.

Photos were leaked that show a blacked out, edgy front end of the 2016 Avalon. Few other details have been leaked ahead of the announcement of the official 2016 Toyota Avalon release date Grand Junction CO, but this mid-cycle refresh is showing us that Toyota is dedicated to providing its loyal customers with exciting, powerful, aggressive new vehicles. Read the rest of this entry >>

How to change the oil filter in a Toyota

How to change the oil filter in a Toyota

Changing your oil filter is an easy part of changing your oil.

There are some of us who are more savvy with automobiles than others, whether that be changing your own oil or just knowing how to change out a flat tire, it’s important to either A.) Know how your car works or B.) Know someone you can call who can figure it out. In either case, we are here for you at Western Slope Toyota and all of our well-trained, highly qualified service technicians are ready to provide you with whatever you need from advice to service.

Often times, when you get your oil changed you will notice the technicians ask you if you want to have your filter changed as well. Some may think that this is just another easy way for service technicians to make some money, but that’s not the case at Western Slope Toyota. You actually should get your oil filter changed as frequently as you get your oil changed, and both of these you can even do yourself if you feel ambitious. Learning how to change the oil filter in a Toyota is the same as any other vehicle; you just have to know where the parts are in your vehicle, so really, it’s easy peasy if you’re considering doing it yourself. Read the rest of this entry >>

Did you catch any of the best and worst Super Bowl ads 2015?

Best and worst super bowl commercials 2015

The commercials are sometimes the most entertaining part of the Super Bowl.

Best and worst Super Bowl ads 2015

Whether you watch the Super Bowl more for the actual sports game aspect, the pop culture appeal or the famous commercials, we can all agree that it’s definitely a show you don’t want to miss. Even if there are teams that you wish were playing but aren’t (ahem, we’re talking to you Broncos), it’s fun to eat, drink and partake in one of the most Americanized events ever.

In case you didn’t she the Super Bowl 2015, the New England Patriots won 28-24 against the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots made an interception in the last few seconds of the game on Feb. 1 that secured their lead.

Katy Perry was the halftime entertainment and actually brought out Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot, too!

No matter what the score of the big game, or who the halftime performer was, the real show was the commercials. Advertisers spend millions and millions of dollars each and every year to both secure a spot during the primetime, most-watched television program ever, as well as perform market research and actually produce the advertisement spot. Read the rest of this entry >>