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How Do I Know I Need to Change My Brake Pads?

Brakes are a simple component of a car, at least in theory. You can’t really have a car without brakes, but the technology that goes into building and operating brakes has evolved over the years. No amount of technological change has made brakes that never need to be replaced, however. Read the rest of this entry to learn about how to know when to change your brake pads. 

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2021 Toyota Venza parked at night outside building

Toyota To Bring Back the Toyota Venza for 2021

If you remember a Toyota model known as the Venza, and if you’re wondering what happened to it, fear not. The original Toyota Venza was released back in 2008 for the 2009 model year, and it ended its brief run in 2015. It has spent nearly as much time out of production as it did in production, but it is returning for the 2021 model year. Read more to find out what the second generation of the Toyota Venza will offer. 

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Restaurants Offering Delivery in Grand Junction, CO

Each state is treating the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak a little differently. In Colorado, you might want to opt for delivered food more often than anything else, if you must order food. Grand Junction has a lot of restaurants, but not all of them have adapted to self-isolation yet. Use this list to find a few restaurants that will bring your food to you.  

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2020 Toyota 4Runner 3 colors parked in grass with trees and sky in background

What Toyota Models Does Western Slope Toyota Carry?

If you love Toyota cars, you have to visit Western Slope Toyota, it’s got new and old models and plenty of variety among both. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, hatchback, hybrid, truck, crossover, or a large SUV, you can find it all at Western Slope Toyota in Grand Junction, Colorado. Read on to learn what models the dealership usually carries. 

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