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Where Can I Get Oil Change Service in Grand Junction, CO?  

Oil Change Service in Grand Junction, CO  

The best performance of the engine is dependent on the engine oil. Because the different engine components are continually rubbing against one another, it is crucial to lubricate them to prevent wear and strain. The buildup of dirt and sludge that occurs over time and with use could hinder the engine’s performance. Here is where an oil change enters the picture. Regular engine and filter changes can assist in removing foreign objects from the engine and ensure that the vital components are effectively shielded from harm. But where can I get oil change service in Grand Junction, CO? Read this blog by Western Slope Toyota to learn all about the oil change service available in Grand Junction, CO, right here at Western Slope Toyota! 

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Custom Order your Next Toyota Vehicle Online

How to Custom Order a New Vehicle at Western Slope Toyota?  

Are you looking for a specific Toyota model? Look no further than Western Slope Toyota in Grand Junction, CO. Customers can now custom order their Toyota at our showroom via a super easy process. Continue reading to find out how to custom order a new vehicle at Western Slope Toyota.  

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WSA 400 43rd Annual Race to the Finish Sales Event at Western Slope Auto

It is the beginning of another new year, and that means it’s time for another WSA 400 race to the finish sale! There is no better time to come and check out what we have at Western Slope Auto than now, so stop in at our dealership, give us a call, or find your next car on our site. Continue reading to learn more details about the 2021 WSA 400 Race to the finish sale!

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Does Western Slope Toyota Offer At-Home Test Drives?

As the world struggles to move on after months under quarantine and lock downs, a lot of dealerships are innovating to overcome the challenges of doing business in an age of social distancing and limited personal interactions. One way dealerships like Western Slope Toyota have been able to continue providing car shoppers with a personal and hands-on car shopping experience is by providing at-home test drives. Read on below to learn more about at-home test drives with Western Slope Toyota. 

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