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2016 Toyota Mirai

The revolutionary 2016 Toyota Mirai, a fuel cell vehicle, hits California roads

2016 Toyota Mirai price and performance specs

Toyota has marked a turning point in the automotive industry with the release of the 2016 Toyota Mirai—a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that is one of the first of such vehicles to be sold commercially. However, for now only a select amount of eligible California drivers will be able to purchase the Mirai due to limited fueling infrastructure. As the territorial footprint of the Mirai increases and fueling infrastructure grows across the U.S., more consumers will become eligible to order the fuel cell vehicle. Continue reading for the 2016 Toyota Mirai price and performance specs.  

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Toyota Mirai Technologies Western Slope Toyota, grand junction co

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Vehicle

Toyota Mirai Technologies

Each new car on the market has the latest and greatest technology features and the Mirai is no exception. From top to bottom, bumper to bumper the Toyota Mirai has technologies no other hybrid even comes close to. This fuel cell vehicle is the first of its kind to be sold in the United States after 20 years of testing.

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Official Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle release date Grand Junction CO

Official Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle release date grand junction co

The Toyota Mirai is an exciting new vehicle that will be powered by hydrogen.

Being an innovator is exactly what Toyota is known for, and the always-impressive motor company has taken the industry by leaps and bounds in order to keep its name and reputation as one of the most forward-thinking companies around.

One of the most impressive and innovative vehicles being produced by Toyota is the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle, of which Toyota began production at the end of February, but unfortunately those looking for an official Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle release date Grand Junction CO will have to wait awhile… maybe even 2 years… as orders are already almost reaching 2,000 vehicles! Read the rest of this entry >>