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What Are My Towing Options With Toyota?

One of the most essential components for a truly fantastic summer is how many road trips you will take. From cruising down the highway for a leisurely drive to charging off-road in search of adventure in the Colorado wilderness, there is nothing like exploring the unknown and maybe even spending a weekend away from it all. Naturally, you will want a Toyota model that can haul all of the supplies that you require to make your journey so much fun. Read the rest of this entry >>

Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget Your Toyota

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Everyone loves spring cleaning, where you get rid of all that clutter and mess in your life to prepare for nice weather and a relaxing summer. Western Slope Toyota, your Grand Junction car dealer, wants to remind you to not just clean your house and your garage this spring, but make sure that you thoroughly clean your Toyota in Grand Junction as well. Since we use our vehicles so often, we tend to use them the same as we would a room in our home and sometimes leave behind trash and grime.

You should also think about the wear and tear that your Toyota accumulates from time, weather and various other outside elements. Make sure that you provide your Toyota in Grand Junction with the care it needs, including a deep cleaning session. You could always schedule a detail, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule, here are some at-home Toyota cleaning tips:

  • After cleaning out your cup holders, put cupcake liners in them to keep them clean and collect any loose debris.
  • Cover your windshield wipers in a coat of rubbing alcohol to get rid of streaking or blurry spots.
  • Use a foam art brush or compressed air to clear out any cobwebs or dirt from your vents.
  • Combine cleaning powder and water to bring back the shine of your hubcaps.
  • Wipe down the grille of your Toyota and get rid of all those gross bugs you’ve ran into.
  • Use cleaner or toothpaste with baking soda to get your headlights sparkling like new.
  • Spray your floor mats with cleaning solution and then toss them into the wash.
  • Use a spray bottle filled with water to loosen up any pet fur before you vacuum out your Toyota in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction car dealers

  • Clean your dashboard with Goo Gone to get rid of stains and any general stickiness.
  • To thoroughly clean your windshield, use a squeegee, window cleaning solution and a finishing coat of Rain-X or a similar windshield treatment.
  • Your Toyota has many cracks and creases that could be difficult to clean. Place a rag on the end of a flat head screwdriver to clear out those tight spaces.
  • Dirt gets everywhere–even on your ceiling. A microfiber cloth will be great for cleaning that.
  • Your battery will get corroded over time, so use some battery contact cleaner to keep your Toyota’s battery at peak performance.
  • Preserve your vehicle’s paint job and get rid of dirt with a clay bar.
  • Use old toothbrushes with a combination of water and baking soda to keep your leather interior looking like new.

Here at Western Slope Toyota, we hope you find these tips helpful. We also recommend you schedule a service appointment to get your car ready for spring under the hood.

Grand Junction car dealers