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How does the Toyota C-HR compare to the Toyota RAV4?

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
2018 Toyota C-HR vs 2017 Toyota RAV4

If you’re familiar with the Toyota lineup, then you’ve definitely heard about the all-new C-HR crossover that recently made its way to dealership lots across the country. Now that it’s available, we’re showing drivers how it stacks up against the classic RAV4 in this head-to-head battle for a better idea of what each vehicle offers. (more…)

What’s the difference between the 2017 Camry trims?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
3 Toyota Camrys on the beach

2017 Toyota Camry Trim Level Options and Prices

The all-new 2017 Camry demands respect at every corner with its bold exterior, sporty interior, and designer comfort. With the addition of innovative technology that can anticipate your needs, top-notch performance that turns driving into pure excitement, and smart safety features to help you drive more confidently, the 2017 Camry is everything you’ve been looking for. But which trim option will best fit your needs? Western Slope Toyota put together a comparison of the 2017 Toyota Camry Trim Level Options to help our customers decide.


2016 Toyota Sienna SE vs Limited

Saturday, April 30th, 2016
2016 Toyota Sienna SE vs Limited

When it comes time to ask the question that many families must ask at one time or another, “Should we be looking at minivans?,” don’t shy away! It’s a brave new world in the automotive landscape, and minivans are not the sluggish dullards of yesteryear – Really! Consider the Sienna (or perhaps you already are and that’s what brings you here!): It’s got a standard 266-horsepower V6, 6-speed automatic transmission with intelligence, and yes, incredible cargo volume of up to 150 cubic feet of space available behind the front seats.

Once you’ve landed on Sienna, your next step is to figure out which trim level is right for you. Today we’re comparing the 2016 Toyota Sienna SE vs Limited, with an emphasis on those big ticket items: price, passenger space, AWD availability, and standard comfort and convenience features, in order to help you assess which Sienna model might be your family’s perfect fit. (more…)

2016 Toyota Rav4 vs Toyota Highlander

Thursday, April 14th, 2016
2016 Toyota Rav4 vs Toyota Highlander

You’re thinking about a new Toyota crossover, but aren’t sure which model is right for you. Today we’ll help you parse out the differences between the 2016 Toyota Rav4 and the 2016 Toyota Highlander so you can decide which of these two stylish and capable models is the right fit for you and your family. We’ll go over variances in price, space, capability, and standard features to help you clearly see the two models side by side. (more…)

2016 Toyota Prius vs 2016 Toyota Prius Eco

Monday, February 29th, 2016
2016 Toyota Prius vs 2016 Toyota Prius Eco

The redesigned, fourth-generation Prius is the strongest hybrid offering in the class – period. Toyota could have decided to coast on the success of the Prius without introducing significant changes, and the compact hybrid would still be the frontrunner by many miles. However, the innovative automaker not only values developing the latest in hybrid technology but also the loyal Prius drivers who have made the car a staple across the US. We check out the latest technologies that are stretching every gallon further with our 2016 Toyota Prius vs 2016 Toyota Prius Eco comparison. (more…)

Differences Between the 2016 Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Midsize trucks are once again having a heydey, and we couldn’t be more excited about the popularity renaissance these highly functional, efficient, and spirited models are seeing in the current auto landscape – Especially since we proudly offer what we (as humbly as possible) see as the absolute best one available: the 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

Now, before you think we’re all puff and no substance on this claim, let’s run the new Taco up against one of the biggest competitors out there, the Chevy Colorado, and see which model has the chops to be your pick for a midsize truck. We’ll go over the 2016 Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado here in a side by side comparison: (more…)

2016 Toyota Rav4 Fuel Economy for AWD and FWD models

Friday, January 29th, 2016
2016 Toyota Rav4 Fuel Economy for AWD and FWD models

When you’re considering your next vehicle, there are a lot of factors that come to mind, and since you’ll ideally be driving this thing for a long time, you want to hit all the big marks. If you’ve set your sights on the compact crossover market, chances are you’re looking for something that’s got that family-friendly blend of a car-like feel with plenty of cargo space at your disposal. Capability may also factor in – perhaps you’re thinking an AWD option might be nice. (more…)

What’s the difference between the 2016 Prius and 2015 Prius?

Thursday, November 19th, 2015
What's the difference between the 2016 Prius and 2015 Prius

Wondering how the latest 2016 Toyota Prius compares to the 2015 Prius? We’re certainly big fans of the hyper-efficient, always-stylist Prius whether it’s a pre-owned model or the very latest and greatest, so we’re happy to share our insights with you on how the new 2016 model differs from the 2015 Prius in ways that may be important to shoppers. Particularly if you’re a current Prius driver considering an upgrade or trade to the latest model, this side by side comparison on a number of key areas should be helpful. If you have additional questions, just let us know! (more…)

2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Toyota Tundra

Thursday, October 15th, 2015
2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Toyota Tundra Grand Junction CO

There are plenty of exciting changes for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma — this third generation model has been the subject of a ton of speculation over the months leading up to its release, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally have it in stock for you to check out. But there may be one looming question for you as you start the initial process of finding the new truck that’s ideal for you — Should I go for the Tacoma or the Tundra? We want to help make the major distinctions as clear as possible for you from the get-go, so we’ve put together this handy 2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Toyota Tundra chart for you to take a look at and weigh out the options alongside your needs and budget.  (more…)

2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Friday, July 31st, 2015

 2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Jeep Renegade
3.5L V6 Atkinson Cycle Engine MultiAir2 Tigershark 2.4L four-cylinder
Six-speed automatic Transmission Automatic w/overdrive
TRD Off-Road Package Off-Road Capability Trailhawk Package
TBD Fuel Efficiency 21 City / 29 Hwy