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Does Western Slope Toyota Offer At-Home Test Drives?

As the world struggles to move on after months under quarantine and lock downs, a lot of dealerships are innovating to overcome the challenges of doing business in an age of social distancing and limited personal interactions. One way dealerships like Western Slope Toyota have been able to continue providing car shoppers with a personal and hands-on car shopping experience is by providing at-home test drives. Read on below to learn more about at-home test drives with Western Slope Toyota. 

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How Does an At-Home Test Drive Work? 

Test driving a car is usually an informal agreement with a salesperson on the lot to drive a car around if you’re interested in it, but when people can’t or would rather not visit a dealership lot, there is still a way to get shoppers behind the wheel. At-home test drives work like this: 

  1. Schedule an at-home test drive with Western Slope Toyota online or over the phone. This involves choosing a vehicle you would like to test drive. 
  1. Give an address for where you would like the vehicle you would like your selected vehicle delivered. This might be your home, an office, or another location that is within range of the dealership. 

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  1. A dealership representative will drive the vehicle to that site, sanitize the vehicle, and deliver the keys to you without physical contact. 
  1. Test drive the vehicle! 
  1. Return the vehicle to the dealership representative and they will sanitize the vehicle afterward and return it to the dealership. 
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Does Western Slope Toyota offer At-Home Delivery? 

Since the process for at-home delivery is essentially the same as how at-home test drives work, Western Slope Toyota can deliver a vehicle you just bought or leased to your home, office, or another nearby location. Rest assured that your vehicle will be sanitized and made ready for you to drive. At-home delivery is a courtesy that may become more and more common in a post-pandemic world. Western Slope Toyota is and always will be ready to do what it takes to provide you with the best service, even when major challenges like a viral outbreak strike.