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Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Whether you’re shopping for your own father or someone else who deserves a gift this Father’s Day, there are plenty of great gifts they are sure to enjoy if you know where to look. Ultimately, nobody knows him better than you do, so you will probably have to make some choices on your own, but the following ideas should help point you in the right direction. 

Hardware Store Father’s Day Tool Sales 

Pay attention in the time leading up to Father’s Day. If the father you’re shopping for needs any new tools or anything from the hardware store, he will probably drop hints about it. At the very least, you can look at the projects he has to do and ask a hardware store associate for advice on tools to get. 

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Auto Parts and Services Specials for Father’s Day 

Shop around to find parts for his car, and he’s sure to appreciate the help in keeping his car in prime condition. Check out the service specials and coupons at Wester Slope Toyota. We usually have special offers for parts and services during the spring to help people get their cars summer ready. Just make sure you give us a call at 970-243-0843 for more details or to schedule an appointment for the dad you are shopping for.  

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Gift Cards for Father’s Day 

If you don’t know what to get for dad this Father’s Day, a good alternative is always to pick up a gift card for his favorite restaurant, hardware store, or somewhere else he frequents. You can also find gift cards for online stores and video game digital stores and much more near the checkouts at department stores and convenience markets. 

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Sports Equipment for Father’s Day 

Lots of dads want nothing more than to have new ways or reasons to spend time with their families. Some sports equipment like footballs, golf clubs, bike accessories, or even some disc golf discs could be the perfect way to make that happen.