Be Prepared For Roadside Emergencies

homemade roadside emergency kit

Road flares are a great way to let other drivers know there is a potential obstruction ahead.

Homemade Roadside Emergency Kits

When we took driver’s education classes, one of the things that were covered in the class was what to do in case of a roadside emergency. Some basic things everyone should know is how to change a tire and how to jump start a dead battery. While those can be very valuable skills there are some tools you should carry in your car, truck or SUV at all times that will make dealing with certain issues much easier and safer. There are roadside emergency kits available at just about every automotive supply store, but some of them can get a little spendy. Here are some items you can put together to build a homemade roadside emergency kit.

The first thing you should always carry with you is a cell phone. Should you experience a breakdown, flat tire or what-have-you, it is important that you be able to call for help if necessary or to at least let people know that you are having some trouble before they send out the cavalry. An important tip: If you are one of those people that doesn’t have a cell phone, you can use an old one to call 911. It doesn’t need to be activated or on any kind of service; it just needs to be able to turn on all the way.

homemade roadside emergency kit

You can purchase a pre-built roadside emergency kit at any auto parts store

Among the things that the most basic homemade roadside emergency kit should contain are: A fire extinguisher with the label 1A10BC or 2A10BC, warning signals like a hazard triangle or road flares, tools to change a tire including a jack, lug wrench and a tire gauge. All three of those things should come with just about every vehicle. Also be sure to include a pair of work gloves, a knee pad and some clean rags to prevent dirt and grime from getting on your clothes or on your vehicle’s interior. A working flashlight, jumper cables and spare fuses are also very important to have in your homemade roadside emergency kit.

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