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How Do I Know I Need to Change My Brake Pads?

Brakes are a simple component of a car, at least in theory. You can’t really have a car without brakes, but the technology that goes into building and operating brakes has evolved over the years. No amount of technological change has made brakes that never need to be replaced, however. Read the rest of this entry to learn about how to know when to change your brake pads. 

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What Do Worn-Out Brake Pads Feel Like? 

One of the most reliable ways to tell when your brake pads need to be replaced is by feel. Worn-out brake pads will feel unusual or uneven. When your pads are thin or damaged in some way, the act of pushing your brake pedal will cause vibration or a sense of “pulling” or “sticking.” If you feel any of these, even if it’s only occasionally while driving, bring your car in for service at Western Slope Toyota. Our service staff can identify a problem and recommend and install replacements. 

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Do I Need to Change My Brake Pads if they Screech? 

This is an easy answer, yes! Screeching could be caused by a few different issues, but it never hurts to get your brakes looked at by professionals like the service staff at Western Slope Toyota. If your brakes squeak a little right after starting your car, that’s probably just rust on the brake rotors being rubbed off, but constant screeching is a sure sign of brake problems. Loud rubbing or creaking sounds deserve the same level of care and attention. Brake pads in good condition will make little sound or be unnoticeable.  

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What Other Signs Should I Look For? 

Some brake pads are dusty because of the way they are made, but if your brakes seem to be way too dusty, they probably need to be changed. Also, pay attention to how much distance it takes to stop your car. If it takes more distance or a longer period of time than it used to, or than similar cars, something about your brakes needs attention. If it is the pads, get the pads checked at a reliable service provider, like Western Slope Toyota.