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How to jump start your Toyota Prius

Instructions on how to jump-start your Prius  

If you ever lost your key card, found it under the passenger seat, then accidentally turned on the hazard lights without realizing for about eight hours of your shift and came back to your Prius to come to the conclusion your battery is dead, you are not alone. Besides this very specific example, we all make mistakes and lose our battery juice from time to time. Keep reading to learn how to jump-start your Prius. 

2020 toyota prius headlight

  1. Open your hood and remove your engine cover. 
  2. Connect the positive end of the jumper cable to the positive battery terminal. 
  3. Connect the other positive end to the positive battery terminal of the other vehicle. 
  4. Connect the negative clamp to the other vehicle’s negative terminal. 
  5. Connect the negative on your vehicle’s side to a solid, unpainted metallic point. Make sure it is away from the battery and any moving parts.  
  6. Start the engine of the second vehicle, increase the speed slightly and hold for five minutes.  
  7. After five minutes, while keeping the second vehicle at the same engine speed, start the hybrid system of your vehicle.  
  8. The “READY” indicator should come on at this point. Once you see it, remove the jumper cables the opposite way you put them on.  
  9. Put the engine cover back on.  
  10. Drive around for 30 minutes to ensure the battery is charged. If you continue to have problems, contact our service team.  

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