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How to protect your valuables inside your vehicle

Preventing theft from your vehicle

Our vehicles were designed to make traveling simple. While we can rely on our vehicles, we cannot rely on others. We do not think we will ever be targets for theft, the harsh reality is it could happen to anyone. One thing we can do is take steps to prevent theft as much as possible. We have created a list of tips to keep in mind in your travels to keep your items safe from thieves.
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Turn off your electronics

With every new safety update in our technology, thieves are updating themselves. We have come across the knowledge they use apps to detect Bluetooth signals from our electronics. The best way to stop thieves from detecting your device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or phone, is by turning it off.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Some thieves target vehicles based on what they can see with their eyes. If you hide your items by putting them in your trunk or glove compartment, you may be looked over as a potential target.

Only bring along what you need

All in all, bring along what you need. If you do not bring someone that is valuable to your trip, it will not be stolen. The less cluttered your vehicle, the better.

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