gloved hands cleaning steering wheel with spray bottle and rag

How to Spring Clean your Car

It’s not the most fun thing to clean out your car, but it always feels great to step into a nice, clean vehicle. The only way to make it happen is to pay someone to clean out your car, or to get out there and take care of it yourself. Maybe all you need is a little guidance to get the confidence you need to tackle the job of cleaning out your car, no matter how intimidating it is.  

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Cleaning Garbage Out of Your Car 

Bring a few plastic grocery bags or two large garbage bags with you when you go out to your car. If you don’t you’ll probably end up wanting one. To avoid overwhelming yourself, start from one seat and progress across the car before switching to the next row. You can put recyclables in a separate bag as you find things to throw away to make it easier to take care of disposal afterward.  

women cleaning inside and out of windshield with yellow cloth
stock photo of gloved hand with yellow cloth wiping steering wheel

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How to Vacuum Out Your Car 

Some convenience stores with on-site car washes have free or coin-operated vacuums you can use to clean out smaller debris you can’t pick up and throw away with your bare hands. Otherwise, you might want to use a hand vacuum or attachments from a shop vac to get everything out of your vehicle. It’s hard to use a household vacuum in a car, so you might consider using damp rags and lint rollers to pick up crumbs and gravel from crevices if you don’t have any other way to get the rest.  

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How to Dust the Inside of Your Car 

It only takes a few months for a car to get dusty. It’s tempting to just swipe your hand across the dash, but that just pushes the dust around and doesn’t get it out of your car. Use damp rags or disposable wipes that are safe on your interior’s materials to avoid damaging leather or plastics. Even if you have vacuumed out your car, you will probably want to go over the interior with rags or even a static cling brush to trap dust and keep it out of your car.