Safe cars for student drivers in Grand Junction CO

Used cars for teens in Grand Junction CO
As the summer fades, class bells ring and students will hit the books at the start of another school year. This means a brand new semester of driver’s education classes will start and both parents and teens will need to a smart, safe vehicle to use for the next few years.

We’ve done our best to put together a few tips and offer up some suggestions for used cars and or SUVs that are safe, fun and affordable.

A parent’s number one concern is safety. While the new driver might be more interested in having fun behind the wheel of a cool sports car or fashionable SUV, parents should try to steer their teenager towards a vehicle that has received four or five stars with the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Small vehicles, specifically mini-cars, typically perform poorly in safety tests. A little less fashionable, family sedans and midsize SUVs provide some of the best safety scores on the market. Not only in terms of safety, but larger vehicles perform better in inclement weather.

It might be tempting, especially if your teenager has the means to be selective when purchasing a new vehicle for on their sixteenth birthday; unless you feel very comfortable with their driving ability, try and steer them away from a muscle car.

Used Toyota Camry in Grand Junction CO

2014 Toyota Camry pictured.

What can Western Slope Toyota offer?

Used cars for teen drivers in Grand Junction CO are available at Western Slope Toyota. We have a great lineup of Toyota vehicles, new and used, as well as a variety of used vehicles in Grand Junction CO under $10,000.

New or used Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander, and Toyota Sienna make terrific vehicles for a new teen driver. All three vehicles garner terrific safety ratings and can inclement weather very well. If you have the means, the Toyota Highlander or Toyota Sienna are extremely safe and can provide added peace-of-mind for parents when teens hit the pavement.