Signs that your car needs an alignment

Signs that your car needs an alignment

Here at Western Slope Toyota we offer a wide variety of service specials to help you save even as you’re having to go through the occasional hassle of bringing your car in for service. We may take care of cars for a living, but it doesn’t mean we don’t understand what a frustrating and time-consuming experience it can be when something goes wrong or needs tuning. Doctors get colds just like the rest of us, and mechanics have car headaches. It’s the way of world. That’s why we want to help alleviate some of the stress by offering you coupons for a variety of services! One of our current specials is a complimentary alignment check. Think you might need an alignment? We’ll give you the heads up on some tell-tale signs:

How to tell if you need an alignment:

  1. Look at your steering wheel when you’re driving straight. To put it simply, if your car is in alignment your wheel will stay straight when you’re driving straight. So (carefully) take your hands off the wheel for a quick second next time you’re on straightaway and it’s safe to do so, and see if your wheel turns one way or the other.
  2. Feel the pull. Similar to point number one, your alignment needs might even be such that you can feel a little pull in one direction as you drive. Since you may be used to your own vehicle to the point where you don’t even notice this anymore, it might be a good idea to have a friend take it for a spin and see if they notice anything.
  3. (Not so) Good Vibrations: Do you feel a little buzz in your hands when they’re on the wheel? This could be another one for the “ask a friend” test since you can easily get used to such a thing and not even realize it’s a problem.
  4. Check your tread. Checking your tire tread can tell you a number of things. For example, how good is your tire tread? That’s an important question unto itself. But when it comes to alignment, the question is how even is the wear your tire tread? If it’s heavier on one side over another, this may point to an alignment issue.

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Whether you’ve noticed any of these signs or you’re not really in the mood to look into it, our complimentary alignment check will reveal the truth! And don’t just take our word for it – we’ll hook your car up to our special alignment machine and give you a printout with the results of the test. Give us a call to schedule your alignment check today, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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