Mazda, Toyota and Alabama Officials Celebrating Annoouncement of New Manufacturing Plant in Alabama

Toyota and Mazda Choose Alabama for Their $1.6B Manufacturing Plant

The concern about fewer manufacturing jobs in America has been a major issue in recent years, and that’s why Toyota and Mazda’s announcement last year that they would build a new $1.6B joint-venture manufacturing plant was met with a great deal of excitement. After several months of deliberations, the two Japanese automakers have decided to build the plant in Huntsville, Alabama, with a targeted opening date of 2021.  

“Our investment to establish a new vehicle assembly plant with Mazda builds on the strong success we have enjoyed in Alabama where we produce engines for the North American market. Starting from 2021, I’m confident that we will run a highly competitive plant, by bringing together the expertise of Toyota and Mazda as well as the excellent Alabama workforce. We are committed to being another ‘best-in town’ company in the city of Huntsville and the state of Alabama, a new hometown for Toyota and Mazda.” – Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation President  

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Toyota Manufacturing in the United States 

Toyota has a very large manufacturing presence in the United States, with the Toyota Camry frequently topping the yearly rankings of the most “American-made” car.  The new plant in Alabama is the 11th U.S. manufacturing facility for Toyota, and represents its continued commitment in the U.S., in addition to the $10 billion dollar investment over the next 5 years that was announced in January 2017. The new plant, which is approximately 14 miles from Toyota’s existing Alabama plant, will produce the Toyota Corolla, as well as a new crossover model for Mazda.