Toyota Diesel Truck in Grand Junction CO

Toyota Diesel truck in Grand Junction CO

What’s stopping a Toyota Diesel truck?

The history of a diesel Toyota vehicle is marred with high hopes and disappointment. Rumors of a Toyota diesel truck in Grand Junction CO began to surface way back in 2007 when they announced their plans to produce a diesel version of the Toyota Tundra. With GM putting out a new diesel option now in a midsize pickup, will Toyota ever release a diesel truck option?
There were many reports that the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma would receive a diesel engine. However, Toyota’s engineers felt that the opportunity was not strong enough. One of the inhibitors of diesel is the new EPA regulation that will take effect in 2017. Diesel engines need to be finely tuned enough to put out similar emissions as gas engines to pass the EPA emissions testing. When the fuel/performance payoff is good enough for consumers, we think Toyota might go forward with a diesel truck. But anything at this point is still pure speculation!

From what we see, the new 2016 Tacoma will be no slouch. We’ve already highlighted some of the new features that will be found on the new Tacoma. The new Tacoma will be more fuel efficient than ever with a V-6 Atkinson cycle 3.5-liter engine. While the 2.7-liter four-cylinder is still offered, we can expect that the Atkinson cycle engine will provide more fuel efficiency and power than ever before.

Diesel Toyota Tundra Dually on display at 2007 SEMA

This fantasy diesel dually featured an 8.2L Hino diesel with an eye-popping 300 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Toyota made it clear it was not a concept but they wanted to show what the best truck they could be build would look like. The truck is a menacing experiment. Toyota specifically designed this fantasy truck to look like it wandered off of the assembly line.

Diesel Toyota Truck in Grand Junction CO Toyota Diesel Truck in Grand Junction CO
Diesel Toyota in Grand Junction CO Dually Diesel Toyota in Grand Junction CO