Brake Services

Your brakes are among the most essential parts for your Toyota model, which is why it is crucial to keep them in their best condition. That is where the remarkable service center at Western Slope Toyota, your local Grand Junction Colorado Toyota dealership, comes in. We are proud to be your number-one destination for all of your brake needs, and we make sure they are able to give you the stopping power that you deserve on the road. Your brakes do more than preventing your Toyota model from moving; they also communicate with your engine, steering wheel, anti-locking system, and four-wheel-drive system to give you the best possible driveability. If your brakes are in poor condition, you might run into difficulties as you travel,  and poor brakes can prevent your Toyota model from operating at its maximum capability, especially if there is severe weather or slippery road conditions. Whenever you are having problems stopping your Toyota model in Grand Junction Colorado and hearing high-pitched squealing or terrible grinding sounds while applying the brakes, there is only one solution: schedule a maintenance appointment with the highly-trained service technicians at your local Grand Junction Colorado Toyota dealership.

We recommend that you periodically bring your Toyota model in and get the brakes inspected. The braking system is comprised of two features: the brakes and the hydraulic fluid, which provides pressure. Your brakes can become worn down due to excessive friction, your hydraulic fluid can be tainted by water infiltration over time, and the entire system itself can be affected by other issues. Our knowledgeable service technicians understand these problems and know just what to do to restore your brakes to perfect health. We only use OEM-certified parts to replace any damaged components. These are some of the brake services offered at your local Grand Junction Colorado Toyota dealership:

- Replacing the brake pads

- (If required) disassembling your brake system

- Replacing any warped brake rotors

- Testing your Toyota model to ensure its brakes are now functioning as they should

As you can see, the expert service center at Western Slope Toyota is focused on giving you quality care and precise work whenever you need it. Having brakes that operate at 100% is important for you to have total peace of mind as you travel, and that is what we will give you. Don’t delay getting your brakes serviced, and drive with the confidence that your Toyota model is in perfect condition. Schedule a maintenance appointment with your local Grand Junction Colorado Toyota dealership today!