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Are you shopping around for a fuel efficient car that you can rely on to conserve gas and therefore save you money? Your Grand Junction car dealer, Western Slope Toyota, has a huge variety of fuel efficient cars for you to select from. We have fuel efficient cars from Toyota that are sure to bring you the kind of economy and conservation that you can fall in love with. Having a vehicle that has a great fuel economy won’t just help you save money that you would usually spend at the gas station, but it can also reduce the pollution that comes from your vehicle and shrink your carbon footprint if you happen to drive a hybrid vehicle. Save some cash and help the environment around you by choosing a fuel efficient car from Western Slope Toyota, your Grand Junction car dealership, today.

2018 Toyota Prius Four - 54 MPG city/50 MPG highway

The 1.8L 4-Cylinder DOHC 16V VVT-i engine under the hood of this Prius is one of the most efficient engines available on the market today. This hatchback is sure to bring you the kind of efficiency that will save you money on gas and keep your pollution to a minimum. The hybrid electric motor pairs with a lithium ion traction battery to provide you with stellar efficiency and solid performance numbers. There are very few vehicles available for purchase that boast the kind of fuel economy that you can get from the 2018 Toyota Prius Four. Come into your Grand Junction car dealer, Western Slope Toyota, today and test drive a 2018 Toyota Prius Four.


grand junction car dealership


2018 Toyota Yaris iA - 32 MPG city/40 MPG highway

Your Grand Junction car dealership, Western Slope Toyota, also has a couple Yaris models available for purchase that boast incredible fuel economy. Not only do they have the aforementioned model in stock but there is also a 2018 Toyota Yaris L available for purchase that gets 30 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway. The fuel economy of this vehicle isn’t the only selling point, as the Yaris looks as good as it performs. The available LED daytime running lights feature an accent light bar that brightens up your path. The exterior of this model also features the one-of-a-kind, curvy layout that is world-renowned.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited - 34 MPG city/30 MPG highway

This vehicle doesn’t just give you the ability to drive for long periods of time without you having to fuel up, but it is also outfitted with the cargo room that you and your family require to haul whatever you need. Load your cargo easier than ever before with the hands-free, foot-activated power liftgate, which operates if it senses your Smart Key fob. This vehicle also has the cargo versatility that you need to store whatever you have. Get up to 73.4 cubic feet of cargo space and a fuel efficient engine when you drive off of the sales lot behind the wheel of a 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited.


grand junction car dealership


 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE - 51 MPG city/53 MPG highway

This model is as safe as it is fuel efficient, featuring a wide array of safety features that bring you and your family complete peace of mind when you are in the driver’s seat. You’ll be able to count on the lane departure alert system to make sure that you never change lanes without using your signal. The electronic stability control feature will help you stay in control of your Camry at all times. You’ll even be able to stay aware of when your tires need inflating with the low tire pressure warning. Keep your family safe and sound in the cabin of the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE.


grand junction car dealership