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What Do My Dashboard Lights Mean?

Toyota dashboard warning lights

There is so much beautiful scenery around Colorado that it can be easy for your mind to enjoy the moments. Suddenly, a yellow Toyota dashboard warning light turns on, and it is an exclamation point. Stay calm and remember this is your tire pressure warning letting you know one of your tires has dropped below recommended air pressure. Toyota dashboard warning symbols will turn on if your model anticipates a possible issue or serves a reminder. The sales advisors at Western Slope Toyota assembled this list of dashboard lights and meanings to help you better understand each situation.

dashboard warning symbols

These Toyota dashboard warning lights help diagnose a potential problem, and they are:

ABS Light
When this orange light turns on, it means your Anti-lock Brake computer needs to be examined.

Charging System Warning Light
Designed as a battery image, this red alert light means your battery voltage is very low and is no longer charging.

Check Engine Light
This orange light can mean several things. Drive your car to our Toyota service center, and one of our factory-trained technicians will perform an inspection.

Coolant Temperature Warning
This red Toyota dashboard warning light means your vehicle is overheating and could mean there is a problem with your fan or radiator. You also may need to add coolant.

Low Fuel Level Warning Light
Shaped like a gas pump, this orange alert means you need to find a gas station because you are running low on fuel.

Maintenance Required Reminder Light
Displayed in yellow, it illuminates to let you know your vehicle needs a service checkup.

Oil Pressure Warning
Oil is essential to the health of an engine, and if this red light is displayed as an oil container lights up, you need to add oil because your motor is dangerously low.

Tire Pressure Warning
This yellow light comes on when the vehicle sensors detect the air pressure in a tire is lower than recommended. This could mean a leak, or it could turn on when you start your Toyota model on a cold day.

Make An Appointment Today!
If any of these Toyota dashboard warning lights turn on, the service team at Western Slope Toyota is here to take a look and fix any issues. Schedule a maintenance checkup, and ask about our service specials.


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